New run club offers coaching, socializing and prizes

Brainsport is excited to partner with Cameco to offer a new free run club.

Sunday Runday YXE kicks off March 8 and will run out of Brainsport every Sunday morning at 8 a.m.

Brainsport staff and running coaches in the community will lead groups and develop workouts.

Each Sunday will offer walk, run-walk and at least two run options. People who register to attend can join whatever group workout makes the most sense for them. All workouts take about 45 minutes and participants are encouraged to stick around for free coffee and juice after. Once a month, the group will go to a nearby restaurant for brunch.

“We very much see this as a run club for people to socialize, enjoy coffee, enjoy each other and just enjoy being outdoors every Sunday,” said Jonathan Huntington, vice-president of sustainability and stakeholder relations at Cameco.

“There will be professional coaches there for free for people to work with every single Sunday. So it can offer something for everybody.”

Sunday Runday YXE is inspired by the training groups that develop around the most popular races in the United States and aims to focus on the social aspect of training for an event. Some participants may be gearing up for Cameco’s Step Up for Mental Health run, which takes place May 9, or the Saskatchewan Marathon on May 31.

Runners at the 2019 Step Up for Mental Health run
Runners at the 2019 Step Up for Mental Health run.

But Huntington stresses people don’t need to have a race in mind to show up.

“This is partly for the running community, but it’s partly for anybody who’s looking to get involved with physical fitness,” he says.

“One of the biggest things we’re looking at in the world today is loneliness being a big factor in mental health over the next decade and we want to encourage people to come out, meet their neighbors and meet new friends and enjoy running or walking at the same time.”

Participants are asked to sign up for the run club before showing up and Huntington will send out a newsletter to all registered participants during the week to let them know what to expect on Sunday.

Everyone who participates is invited to track their progress and prizes will be awarded to people for attending a certain number of workouts.

As for what the prizes are, Huntington says people will have to show up to find out.