Brainsport fit specialist shares tips on what you need to run in icy conditions

Every winter, Colin Federow hears the same question over and over again: How can I run without slipping on ice?

The Brainsport fit specialist says there’s no one-size-fit-all solution that works for every runner, but Brainsport carries a variety of shoes and accessories that people can choose from so they can keep moving even when snow and ice cover their favourite running paths.

He sat down with the Brainsport Times to lay out the three most popular options.

Pull-on grips

 Products like the Due North Everyday G3 Ice Snow Traction Aid ($26) and Nordic Grip running traction aid ($40) fit over your favourite shoes to provide grip.

“The reason I like that is that you can be out running and if you feel that it’s icy you can slip it on quick and away you go,” Federow says.

Pull-on grips allow you to turn your favourite shoes into winter runners so you don’t need to worry about adjusting to a new shoe brand or model. But the grips are designed to come on and off, which means it’s possible they could slip off while running.

Shoes with steel studs 

The unisex Saloman Speedspike and Spikecross feature embedded metal spikes and are designed to offer runners good grip on snow and ice. Though these shoes can’t be matched when it comes to traction on ice, Federow says runners have to be careful when moving inside because the same studs that gripped the ice will cause you to slip on concrete or linoleum floors.

“So moving from outdoors to indoors can be a bit of a problem with a built in steel stud, not to mention wrecking the mats in your car and things like that if they’re cloth or fabric mats,” Federow says.

Both shoes cost $200.

Saucony Peregrine Ice with Vibram Arctic Grip sole

The Vibram Arctic Grip technology built into the soles of Saucony Peregrine Ice shoes is designed to give runners grip on icy surfaces — without the side effect of slipping on indoor surfaces. You can also find Vibram Arctic Grip technology on some Merrell winter boots. Men’s and women’s Saucony Peregrine Ice shows can be purchased for $190.

Just because those are the most popular options, doesn’t mean they’re the only ones. “With any footwear, being anti-slip is very subjective. What works for one person might not work for someone else,” Federow says. When choosing winter footwear, it’s important to consider how and where you run. For example, Federow recently had a client who purchased trail running shoes because she does her winter running on grid roads where loose snow and gravel is more of a concern than ice.

Whatever your preference, come find it at Brainsport today.


— Andrea Hill (Editor, Brainsport Times)