Brainsport’s 2020 holiday gift guide

Run Local. Shop Local.

Looking for the perfect gift for the runners on your list — or looking to treat yourself this holiday season? Look no further. Below are eight ideas from Brainsport staff. Thanks for supporting local!

1. Socks

Smartwool socks. They are warm and cozy and great for running in the winter. They provide amazing warmth without the typical itch of a wool sock. They also do not stink even after wearing them multiple times.” — Jamie Epp

2. ArroWhere Lightweight Vest

“One item I’d get the runner on my Christmas list is the ArroWhere Lightweight Vest because it’s important to stay visible in the winter when there isn’t much daylight during the most popular running times. It’s lightweight and has a pocket on the inner backside for essentials.” — Jaclyn Edwards

From now until Dec. 20, get 15% ArroWhere windproof vests when purchased online.

3. Winter headwear

“The perfect little gift for a runner is a Buff. It can be worn so many ways.” — Ali Bergeron

4. Maurten nutrition

Maurten is nutrition from the future. The world’s best marathon runners use this product. I want to make sure that I do my best to bring veteran runners the best, most cutting-edge technology, whether it’s footwear or nutrition, and this is cutting-edge technology. If someone wanted to try the latest in sports nutrition, or they wanted to get a reasonably serious runner something a little special and out of the ordinary, I think that would be a good idea. I had a lot of breakthroughs in my running career because I had a coach who not only trained me to run fast, but trained me to tolerate being hydrated and taking in fuel. If people want to set a PB in 2021, now’s the time to start training and experimenting with what they can tolerate.” — Brian Michasiw

From now until Dec. 20, get 15% off boxes of Maurten nutrition when purchased online.

5. Salomon hydration vest

“This is a pretty high-end specialized piece of equipment, but it can really make a difference in a long training run or an adventure race or ultra marathon. They fit well and Solomon has the bladders dialed down so I think it’s a pretty good option for that person on your list who really likes to run a long ways. And now, with COVID-19, it allows to you run while being more self sustainable.” — Brian Michasiw

From now until Dec. 20, get 15% off Salomon hydration vests when purchased online.

6. Addaday massage products

“These are like dental floss for your body. A lot of these products can help you recover a little bit faster. They are really good preventative medicine.” — Brian Michasiw

From now until Dec. 20, get 15% off Addaday products when purchased online.

7. Caps and visors

“Maybe it’s because I’m a bit older now, but I generally run with a running hat. I’m bald, so my head gets cold all the time. It prevents the sun getting on your face, therefore you’re squinting less. I tend to race in a hat these days. I find my face isn’t squinting so my neck is more relaxed and my shoulders are more relaxed. I think a good running hat is an important part of a running wardrobe.” — Brian Michasiw

From now until Dec. 20, get 15% off caps and visors (excluding Brainsport branded ones) when purchased online.

8. Anything that will keep people warm

“I think an awesome gift to get any runner in your life is outdoor running gear. Whether that’s shoes, jackets, running tights or accessories, now is the best time to invest in those products. Especially with the new COVID-19 restrictions, I have found that more and more individuals have been coming into the store to by winter running gear for themselves and/or others. Lots of customers have expressed to me that they either don’t feel comfortable working out/running in the gym or they are not fond of wearing a mask. While these COVID-19 restrictions are put in place for unfortunate reasons, people have been more keen to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.” — Alana Huntington

Thank you for supporting local!