Brainsport's 2021 holiday gift guide

Brainsport’s 2021 holiday gift guide

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for the runners in your life — or for a way to treat yourself this holiday season — Brainsport has you covered.

This week, Brainsport staffer and runner Brandi Venne outlines some of the niftiest and giftiest items in store.

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Buff Polar Reversible


We have two Buffs that are brand new — the Tech Fleece Bandana and the Buff Polar Reversible. The Tech Fleece Bandana goes just below your neck so it protects you from the wind and cold. They have breathing holes for your mouth so it’s quite a comfortable Buff to wear when it’s really cold. The Polar Reversible Buffs are reversible and one side has thick polar fleece and the other has the original Buff materials. They’re both ideal for all your outdoor winter activities.

Goodr sunglasses

Goodr sunglasses

These are great stocking stuffers. They’re athletic sunglasses — no slip, no bounce and all polarized. They’re perfect for winter activities or even just casual wear. They come in a variety of colors and styles.



I own one of these and I love it. It’s a rechargeable LED vest that’s perfect for nighttime or early morning runs when you’re in the dark. It’s also great for walking and biking. There’s an LED cord and a chest lamp and both are quite bright. You will be seen up to a kilometer away. When I wear this, I’ll be 20 metres away from a crosswalk and vehicles will stop because they see you. It’s really great in the city and it would also be awesome for people that live in places that aren’t as well lit, such as rural areas.

7 Summit Snacks

7 Summit Snacks

They are so good — they’re like an energy chocolate bar. They’re made of ethically sourced dark chocolate with honey and Himalayan salt. It’s a great alternative to gels for your long run or other long activity. The chocolate gives you a bit of caffeine and the combo of carbs and fat is a great boost of energy during your workout. And it’s made not too far away in Alberta.

Kari Traa

Kari Traa base layers

Kari Traa is a women’s sportswear company. The Floke long sleeve is a base layer that doesn’t look like a base layer. It has a really pretty pattern and looks almost like pajamas. It’s a fine wool blend that’s super soft, very warm and naturally odor resistant. As it gets really cold, a base layer is one of the more important layers to have and you want to make sure you have something that will wick the sweat away and keep you dry. The Floke long sleeve does this.

Brainsport gear

Brainsport gear

We have toques, Buffs, socks, sweatshirts and more with the Brainsport logo. That can be a cool gift for a friend or relative that used to live in Saskatoon but now lives afar; it gives them an opportunity to show off their Saskatoon pride.



They go around your waist and can hold items like your phone, keys, even something to eat. They’re comfortable and sweat proof.

Brainsport giftcard

Brainsport gift cards

If you’d rather let the runners in your life choose their own gifts, Brainsport gift cards can now be bought and redeemed online.