Brainsport's 2022 holiday gift guide.

Brainsport’s 2022 holiday gift guide

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for the runners in your life — or for a way to treat yourself this holiday season — Brainsport has you covered.

This week, Brainsport staff share some of their favourite items available in store and online.

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Cost: $17-55

A good pair of running socks is just as important as a good pair of shoes. Brainsport stocks run-specific socks that are designed to keep your feet more comfortable, wick moisture and reduce blisters. Smartwool, Bolega and Brooks brands are particularly popular. — Brandi

The Thermonet Buff and Kari Traa Eva Down Jacket


Cost: $25-$50

Buff’s multifunctional, tubular neckwear provides full-face protection on the coldest runs. The Buffs are soft, wick well and wash nicely. Buffs are unisex items and come in one size that fits all. Check out our lightweight, mid-weight, heavyweight and reversible options. Available in a number of different colours and patterns. — Ali

The Brooks' holiday Run Merry pom and Goodr Nuclear Gnar Sunglasses.


Cost: $28-65

Protect your head and ears this winter with a low-profile beanie or adorable pom-pom hat. Brainsport has a number of cute options including Brooks’ holiday Run Merry pom and Brainsport’s branded touque which features running ice cream treats.



Cost: $40

These individual screws can be used on rubber-soled boots or shoes to enhance traction on ice. Remove them at the end of winter without damaging your footwear. — Fionnuala

Goodr sunglasses.

Goodr sunglasses

Cost: $40-50

These athletic sunglasses are stylish, polarized, a secure fit and good for every season. Available in a number of colours and styles. — Dominque

The Swany Hardface gloves.

Swany Hardface Gloves

Cost: $60

These warm gloves have a toasty Polartec shell and are touchscreen compatible. Available in women’s sizes S-L and men’s sizes S-XL. — Laurel

The ArroWhere jacket.

ArroWhere Running Jacket

Cost: $80

This high-visibility windproof jacket keeps you warm on cold runs, but also has vented armpits for when things get too toasty. Available in women’s sizes XS-XL and men’s sizes XS-3XL. Also check out the ArroWhere windproof vest for $70. This unisex item is available in size XS-3XL. — Harvey

The New Balance Reflective Print Impact Run Heat Tight

New Balance Impact Run Heat Tights

Cost: $100

These soft, stretchy tights have a fleece knit liner which feels great against the skin. They’re great for runs in cool days and can be worn under tights as a base layer in the coldest temperatures. Plus they have great pockets and reflective accents. Available in men’s sizes S-L and women’s sizes XS-XL. For more reflection, check out the women’s reflective print Impact Run Heat Tights for $110. — Donna

Uksi winter skirt

Uksi Winter Skirts

Cost: $180

These Saskatoon-made wool skirts are double-lined and easy to pull on. Great to wear when out for a hike, walking to work, biking or heading to the hockey rink to take in a game. Available in a variety of colours and patterns in sizes XS-L. — Brandi