Brainsport’s December Run Streak kicks off next week

Brainsport’s annual December Run Streak kicks off next Tuesday and staff member Harvey Weber is hopeful that a record number of people will commit to running or walking at least one mile a day, regardless of weather or other excuses.

“Setting goals for being physically active is very important as winter sets in,” Weber says. “A person can achieve this goal even though COVID regulations might restrict people from doing other physical activities.”

The Denny Carr statue by the Meewasin Trail sports a Brainsport jacket on a chilly day.

Participants are encouraged to join the Brainsport December Run Streak Facebook group to share their experiences and cheer on other members. Who doesn’t love seeing photos of runners with frosty eyelashes?

Weber has run for years, but this will be the first year he’s participated in the December Run Streak. He is also an administrator for the group Facebook page where he will be sharing daily tips for keeping a run streak going.

One piece of advice he has is for people to do the hardest part of their run or walk first; in winter, that could mean starting by running into the wind.

For more run streak tips, check out this post from our archives that features an interview with run streaker Brian Breit. Breit was involved in Brainsport’s December Run Streak in 2012 and never stopped. Dec. 1 will mark the eight-year anniversary of his run streak.