Build your 2023 running roadmap

Generally in the months of November and December, my runners take some time off. They spend time with their families, resting while preparing and enjoying the holiday season.

When mid January comes around, my schedule starts to fill up with runners ready to start planning their new year training plan. We sit and talk about running goals, that one race or pace that sparks joy and fear at the same time, as well as identify those niggles or injuries that kept bothering them last season.

I want all runners training smart and strong throughout the entire running season so I created the Running Roadmap to help you plan where you want your running year to go.

I have always written training plans and running programs in pencil. It is an old habit of mine. I write them in pencil as sometimes things shift. Things pivot. This “pencil-writing roadmap” planning gives us grace when we have moments of shifts, as no running year tends to go perfectly as planned.

January to April is the “priming-before-you-paint” season where we build on the foundations of excellent running so we can excel in the running season. We start off with building good two-legged strength, stability and mobility work progressing each month to one-legged, more strenuous exercises that prepare you for this one-legged sport.

Each month gets more difficult, but we stay focused on good form and alignment.

When the heavier part of our season kicks in, usually April to August, most of my clients have a specific, corrective exercise program with a few exercises working on the things that may be holding their running back or prevent a recurring injury … a right hip weakness, a stiff ribcage, etc. I tend to get back to yoga and Pilates, along with a few specific corrective exercises, allowing them to heal between their heavier runs.

Take a look at the 2022 Running Roadmap below or download a PDF here. Print it out, grab your pencil and fill it in or schedule an appointment with me and we can fill in the blanks together.

Kim Fraser is a physiotherapist and clinic owner of Still Physio, located at 5 Corners on Broadway Avenue. She specializes in running performance for all ages, experience levels and genders. Visit her website to book an appointment and follow her on Instagram @stillphysio for running information and guidance.