Fast Five Fridays welcomes runners looking for camaraderie

A new free run group has sprung up in Saskatoon. Fast Five Fridays is an inclusive all-comers-welcome group that meets — you guessed it — on Fridays.

While the alliteration in the name is catchy, don’t be deterred by the “fast” moniker. Group members take frequent breaks to ensure no one is left behind. “The focus is on enjoying the run and the camaraderie rather than solely on individual performance,” say group leadership.

This week, the Brainsport Times talks with group leadership about the club and how people can get involved.

What: Leaders founded Fast Five Fridays after realizing there was no other running group operating on Friday evenings. Though named Fast Five Fridays, the group typically runs about seven kilometres, with the option of post-run food or drinks on Queen Street afterwards.

Who: This club is for runners of all abilities. Group leadership believe having a consistent group to run with can help people excel and stay engaged in the sport.

A map of the route is shared to the Fast Five Fridays private Facebook group in advance and everyone runs as a pack, stopping periodically so runners can catch their breath.

When: The group meets every Friday at 6:30 p.m. There is no group warmup so if runners want to do their own warmup before embarking on the seven-kilometre route it is recommended they show up early.

Where: Fast Five Fridays meets on the southeast corner of Second Avenue North and Queen Street. Runners head east on Queen Street to the river, head north to the Circle Drive North Bridge and then head south along the east side of the river, returning over the CPR Bridge. Runners stop periodically along the way to rest and regroup. There aren’t many water fountains along the route so those wanting water are encouraged to carry their own.

How to get involved: Simply show up on Friday with your running shoes and a good attitude. To connect with organizers and other participants and see route maps in advance join the Fast Five Fridays Facebook group.

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