(The Game Plan)

This is where you’re the expert. We want to know all about you—the activities you enjoy, fitness goals you want to achieve, injuries you’ve experienced, your current conditioning—so that we can find a shoe that addresses your needs. Match the sole to your soul, or something like that.


(The Warm Up)

Of course you know your shoe size, but there’s a lot more to a foot than “size 10.” We’ll measure the length and the width of your feet, and consider the best fit for your lifestyle.


(The Training Session)

How do you move? Whether you pronate or supinate, land flat-footed or touch down toe first, there is a shoe for you. When we get it right, your shoe will feel like an extension of you: natural, balanced and comfortable.


(The Finish Line)

This is the best part: you get a pair of shoes that are perfect for you! You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make in all your activities, every step you take.