Hot weather running tips with Coach Mike McDonald

With some of the hottest days of summer still ahead of us, runners may need to modify their training to stay healthy and happy.

In this week’s Brainsport Times, Brainsport Run Academy coach Mike McDonald shares hot-weather running tips to set runners up for success.

Get out early or late

This seems like a complete no-brainer, but it is important to really schedule your runs to get out when the temperature isn’t as high. This can help you have a more successful run and not battle the scorching sun in the middle of the summer.

You are not tougher than the sun

Put on a hat and sunglasses and wear sun screen. Sometimes the sun can be deceiving, but after being outside on the trails for an hour, you can get a nasty sun burn. Prepare before your run so you are not surprised at the end of it.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

As the temperature goes up, it is even more important to hydrate before longer runs. You need to also understand that drinking a litre of water right before your run isn’t the right way to do this. Try to consistently drink at least two to three litres of water a day and your runs will go more smoothly.

Be smart about distance

With the nice weather, people may feel they can run longer than their bodies are ready for. This can cause injuries or fatigue, and may not allow you to continue to run the next day, or even the rest of the summer. Be smart about what your body is capable of. Don’t be afraid to add in a walk break or two as well if the hot weather bothers you.

Let people know when you’re running

If you aren’t able to run with someone, you should tell a friend or family member where you plan to run and for how long. You never know what could happen, but for your safety this is a great idea.

Keep the music down

I know, I am guilty of blaring the tunes and podcasts during runs. I have learned though that you need to keep the volume down to hear bikes passing by or anything else that could require your attention. It may not be a bad idea to even just run with one headphone in or go without the headphones and enjoy the sounds of nature!

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