Prairie Run Crew and Craven Sport Services are partnering to provide a free run clinic.

Join Prairie Run Crew for free coached clinics

Saskatoon’s Prairie Run Crew knows that one of the most powerful things about running is how it can bring people together. So on Monday evenings from now until the end of May the organization is partnering with Craven Sport Services to host free coached running clinics so people getting ready for the upcoming Saskatchewan Marathon race weekend have a chance to meet fellow competitors — and pick up a few training tips along the way.

“After having to do everything virtual and by ourselves for the last two years, finally being able to come together to have accountability and to inspire each other is so important,” says Prairie Run Crew member Jaira Cross Child.

Here’s what you need to know about the program:

Where and when does the group meet?

Runners meet Mondays at 7 p.m. in Rotary Park. Look for the large Prairie Run Crew banner. Sessions go until May 23.

Who is the group for?

Anyone who is getting ready for an event at the Saskatchewan Marathon race weekend.

“Whether it’s your first 5k or your 20th marathon, you’re welcome to come,” Cross Child says. “We break out into groups based on experience and fitness level so there’s definitely going to be a workout for everybody.”

How do I sign up?

When registering for a Saskatchewan Marathon event, there is a “Teams” option. Under “Add registrant to a team?” Select “Yes, add this registrant to a team created by someone else.” A drop down menu will appear and you can select “Prairie Run Crew.” You’ll then be prompted to enter a code. The code is “PRC 2022.”

Next, go onto the Craven Sport Services website and register on their online form.

If you have already registered for the Saskatchewan Marathon you can edit your registration to join the Prairie Run Crew team. Simply find your registration confirmation email, click on the “Dashboard” link and edit your team settings. Then fill out the form on Craven’s website.

Spots are limited so people are encouraged to register soon to secure their spots.

How much does it cost?

Nothing; this group is free of charge.

Who is coaching it?

Guest coaches will rotate week by week and will include members of Prairie Run Crew and Craven Sport Services.

Why should I join a coached group?

Coached groups are great for keeping you accountable and can help you shakeup your training plan. Coaches can provide advice on when to put the foot on the gas — and when it’s wiser to take a break.

The Prairie Run Crew club on Monday will also make sure participants learn how to do proper warmups with running drills and understand what strength and mobility exercises are key to injury prevention.

“The warm up is something that a lot of us skip. When we start running, we just want to get into the run and get it done,” Cross Child says. “But the warm up is super important and not a step we should skip. So having a group warm up is really good.”

How do I get more information?

Additional questions can be directed to Tarrant Cross Child at For more information on Prairie Run Crew, visit its website.