Meet Tarrant Cross Child, Brainsport’s New Balance ambassador

Saskatoon runner and former Saskatchewan Marathon champion Tarrant Cross Child is a busy guy. He’s the president of Prairie Flooring LTD and it’s affiliated Prairie Run Crew Outreach program, has four active kids and still finds time to train, race and help people plan exciting virtual races.

As if that’s not enough, he’s also Brainsport’s New Balance ambassador, a role he landed because of his love for Brainsport, New Balance and his community. Today Cross Child, 44, talks to the Brainsport Times about running and why he’s married to the New Balance brand.

BT: Tell me about yourself as a runner.

TCC: I heard you got to miss a day of school if you ran on the elementary school cross country team. So I did. Later, when I was 12 or so, I would run to round up my late grandpa’s horses out on the Blood Tribe Nation. That’s when I fell in love with running.

BT: Can you tell me about your experience with Brainsport, including as a brand ambassador?

TCC: I’ve been able to coach the Learn to Run groups in the Brainsport Run Academy, which is such a blast. Seeing people transition from not running to successfully completing five kilometres and carrying on to the 10 kilometre and the half marathon is so rewarding.

Coaching through community events like the Cameco Step Up is also rewarding. Hearing stories about why people are stepping up to live a healthy and active lifestyle fuels me to keep going.

Prairie Run Crew Outreach was involved in the New Balance “buy one, give one” promotion last summer, where New Balance donated two pairs of shoes for every pair of shoes purchased at Brainsport. In total, more than 300 pairs of shoes were donated and Prairie Run Crew distributed those to numerous groups and organizations including Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford, Prairie Hope Women’s Centre in Hague, Men of the North in La Ronge, Growing Young Movers in Regina, the Cree Nation of Waskaganish in Quebec, Sisika SN7 Program in Alberta and the Teen Challenge Alberta Men’s Centre. It blows my mind every time we are able to gift shoes to people and communities in need. It eliminates that barrier to help others to be able to participate in sport.

BT: What is your favourite race distance and why?

TCC: Hmm it changes all the time. The half marathon. I can comfortably train for one with confidence. The marathon kicks my ass when I’ve skipped my long runs haha.

BT: How has your running changed through the pandemic?

TCC: It hasn’t changed too much. I guess that’s the “lifestyle” part. I don’t know how I would’ve been able to get through it without running. It’s kept me sane as I’ve been able to run over the last year and I’m still running. I miss the team I trained with (Team Warick), I miss in-person races and miss lacing up a child’s fresh new pair of New Balance runners.

BT: What is one of your favourite workouts?

TCC: I love tempo runs at goal race pace. They hurt real bad and truly test not only your physicality, but also your mind. Plus I’ll normally reward myself with a cheeseburger after.

BT: What are you proudest of as a runner?

TCC: That my four kids have taken up the sport: seeing them head out for a run in minus really cold, watching them warm up for a competition and seeing how happy they are because of running.

BT: Have you ever had a serious injury? If so, how were you able to come back from it?

TCC: In 2016 I was training for the New York City Marathon. I was two months out and learned I had a stress fracture in my lower leg. I accepted that I wasn’t running the race anymore and had a boot on for two months. I rested lots, listened to my physio, listened to my body. You have to come to terms in your mind with the reality of the injury and figure out a plan and stick to it. I crossed the New York City Marathon finish line the following year.

BT: What songs are on your favourite running playlist?

TCC: I don’t listen to music while I run. If anything, I sing to myself, but I’m not very good so I hit the stop button very quickly. But!! If I did, I would definitely have some old school hip hop.

BT: What is your favourite post-race meal?

TCC: 110% cheeseburger. Not going to pretend I have a refuel shake here haha

BT: What running plans or goals do you have for 2021?

TCC: I will complete a full marathon. I will not miss my long runs and the marathon will not kick my ass. This time.

My Instagram profile says I’m a marathon runner. I haven’t run one in a few years. I need to do one to keep that status, but mostly because I love setting tough goals and putting in the work to accomplish them.

BT: What’s your go-to shoe these days?

TCC: I’m pretty much married to the New Balance 880s. It’s my go to shoe for my workouts. I don’t see a divorce anytime soon. However, the 1080s are so comfortable to wear around everyday, plus they just look so cool!