Monday Night Hills

If you’re looking for a light-hearted and social way to get your hill training in, I’ve got just the group for you. Hill training is speedwork in disguise, it’s a strength workout you can get while running, and it’s the key to bravely tackling hills on race day, whether you’re travelling to a hilly destination or doing the surprisingly hilly River Run in September. The problem is that hill training can feel like a real grind if you’re doing it alone.

Every Monday evening, a group of like-minded runners get together to do this important and challenging workout together. I asked one of them, Don Cochrane, to answer a few questions about it:

Where and when does the group meet?

We meet in the parking lot of Gabriel Dumont Park every Monday evening at 6:30. We run in hail, blizzard, rain storms . . . in mud, ice, and snow, and on sunny days, too!

What do the workouts look like?

We start with an easy one-mile warm-up, then six times up the hill (with recovery time between each “ascent”), and end with a one-mile easy warm-down. It takes about an hour.

Why is it better to do hills as a group?

Because we do it! We all swear by the benefits, but we wouldn’t do it without the group.

Who’s welcome, and how do they sign up?

Everyone! And you don’t sign up. You just show up. You will find yourself welcomed.

Are there any memorable moments you’d like to share with the Run Streakers?

If you travel to far-off lands (or just to the Rockies!) and thus miss a workout, you are expected to pay penance to the group by returning with an assortment of chocolates or other tasty bits to serve those of us who have maintained the training regime in your absence. Happily our runners travel a lot!

Thank-you Don!

Tough jobs are always more fun with friends. If you’re looking to add some hill training to your Run Streak, check it out.

(photo by Dave Stark)