We sell great kid’s shoes for an active life. There is nothing more important to our community than kids, and nothing that brightens our day more than a family walking through our doors. For children, learning to run can be fun and the beginning of their pursuit of an active lifestyle. Whether it’s the pursuit of running or running within sports and other activities, we’re here to help kids gear up properly.

We love seeing a passion for running in the young. Watching them develop a love for the activity we hold so dear is exciting, and promises a healthy future. Running is something that comes to kids intuitively, and that passion simply needs to be fostered. Kids are like the rest of us—they’ll enjoy being active more if they’re in shoes and gear that’s suited for the activity. We take gearing them up as seriously as we do our adult customers!

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Why Brainsport?

Brainsport is a local business, located just off Broadway in the heart of Saskatoon. When you shop locally, you create jobs, fund more city services through sales tax, invest in neighbourhood improvement and promote community development. While you’re investing in local, you’re also investing in expertise. We’ve been the fit experts for decades, taking pride in getting you the right shoe. Thanks for shopping with us, Saskatchewan!

We also carry:
  • Socks
  • Walking/running watches
  • Walking apparel — shirts, shorts, pants, sweaters, jackets, hats and more

We carry shoes, apparel, swimwear, tri-gear and accessories from the best brands out there.

Each and every product is staff tested and approved.