Track spikes help you run faster (if you are strong enough).  They are lightweight, low cushioned competition shoes with interchangeable pins in the bottom (except on throws shoes).  Track spikes are designed to put an athlete on their toes while running, which helps the athlete push off the ground with more power.  More power off the ground means faster running speeds To get the full benefit of a track spike the athlete needs to be able to put enough force into the ground, therefore many young athletes will benefit more from a running shoe over a track spike.

There are many different types of track spikes; Sprint, Mid-Distance, Long-Distance, Cross-Country, Long Jump/Triple Jump/Pole Vault, High Jump, Javelin, Glide (Throws), and Rotational (Throws).

We also have a selection of track pins you can choose from, including different types, and sizes.  Needle and pyramid pins are the most common, and are usually legal on all track surfaces.  Needle pins usually dig deeper into the track giving an athlete more grip, while a pyramid pin only penetrates the top of the track surface, therefore heavier athletes will not sink into the track as much.  Track pin length can range anywhere from 3mm up to 15mm.  Most track and field facilities will allow 5mm and 7mm, while cross country athletes usually choose to wear 9mm, and in muddy conditions wear 13mm or 15mm.

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