Run Club Beer Night – Dec. 4

There’s something about running that makes beer taste extra good. Ask anybody. The synergy has been observed by our Run Club for years. That’s why Brainsport invites everybody to dinner after the Wednesday night workouts. But, sometimes we like to bring the beer to the club.

Brainsport has teamed up with lululemon Athletica. In the new year they’ll be bringing beautiful apparel to our store and we’ll be bringing running fun to theirs. We thought a Run Club Beer Night would be a great way to celebrate.

A Run Club Beer Night can be just another workout if you like, but for a lot of people it’s a chance to add an even more social element to the night. Instead of grabbing your gear and taking off after the run, it’s a chance to linger, laugh and generally hang out.

We understand that we’re better at fitting shoes than pouring beer, so our neighbours from Leopold’s Tavern will take care of the serving. 9 Mile brewing suggests that their Hybrid Vigour ale will pair perfectly with snow and sweat.

There are laws to be observed. We’ll be charging $3 a glass, this is a 19+ event, food will be served and everybody should plan for a safe ride home. We’ll help you get a safe ride home if you want help.

Run Streakers, you might we worried that the daily mile will become a grind. This is one of the great events this month that will keep the spark alive.

Follow this link to get your free ticket to this event, and we’ll see you all on December 4!