The Brainfreeze is going virtual is 2021!

Charity: U of S Huskie Cross Country Team
Distances: 5km, 10km, Half Marathon, Full Marathon

We’re going virtual for 2021! Complete your run between March 8 and 22nd.

In Saskatoon, we’re not scared of winter—we embrace it! Brainsport’s Brainfreeze is a winter run that raises money for the U of S Cross Country Team. Enjoy the snow-coated scenery as you choose from a 5km, 10km, Half Marathon or Full Marathon.

We love running, and we’re not fairweather runners. Rain, shine or freeze, we’re out there pounding the pavement. The Brainfreeze is a celebration of winter running at its finest!

Race profits go to the U of S Cross Country Team. Through a Brainsport Brainfreeze scholarship and donations to the team, Brainsport contributes to the perseverance of running. The owner of Brainsport – Brian, took just enough university classes to be part of the U of S Cross Country Team for one year, and loved the experience. It can be more difficult for the cross country team to raise money, as they don’t have the same profile as team sports.

Huskie Athletics is an integral and recognizable part of the University of Saskatchewan, and our Saskatoon community. Providing an elite student-athlete experience within an environment that fosters athletic and academic excellence, Huskie teams offer students a way to take their athletic passion further. Taking part in this run means giving students the chance to pursue an elite running career.

Contact Information

Rachel Sherven

Keep in mind that this is a winter race, and everyone must be prepared for running in winter conditions. These can include snow, ice and puddles, along with dry and clear pathways. But heck, what were you expecting—it’s called the Brainfreeze!