Take a Step in the Right Direction

Thinking of lacing up your shoes and getting into running? We’d love to help! We are the running experts, and know that a good run can benefit anyone. If you’re just getting started, we’ve got a plethora of resources to help you out.

Ways to get started:
  • Check out our Virtual training groups. These are a great way to learn from experts.
  • Before anything, get a pair of shoes that fit and feels good. Your body will thank you!
  • Find time in your routine to dedicate to running and set a goal. If you like a pre-work sweat session, try running before you head to the office. Like a pick me up before your evening activities? Try an early evening run. Whenever it is, schedule it in—that’s how you’ll make it happen.
  • Pick a race to train for. You might not care about your time, but picking a date will help you stick to your training schedule. Set a goal and make it happen!

Wherever you’re starting from, we’ve got you covered. Come in and talk to one of our running experts at Brainsport to see how you can make running a part of your life.

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