Running with Harv

Harvey Mathies loves running. His love for running includes an evangelistic streak. Not only does he love running, but he wants everybody else to try it and love it too.

I met Harvey because of a tragedy. It was 2010 and a massive earthquake had struck Haiti. We all watched as people that had precious little to lose lost everything. Harv walked into Brainsport and asked if we would support a fun run to raise money for aid. The run was a success, though I don’t remember how much money was raised. I do remember that we hired him shortly afterward.

Since then, between shifts selling shoes, Harv has discovered ultramarathon trail running, has been a tireless leader at our Run Club, and he organizes the best New Year’s Eve celebration in  Saskatoon: the No Frills Chili Run.

In its 8th year, Harv sees the run as a celebration. “It’s the last run of the year. We can get together with friends and celebrate that we’re all in good health and can go for a run together,” he says. “There are no expectations. It’s just a run and a bowl of chilli afterwards.”

For the last run of the streak, you can join in. Stop by Brainsport before 3 on Christmas Eve to sign up.

Once the streak is over, Harv keeps on running. You can join him for our free Run Club on Wednesday at 6 p.m, Thursday at 10 a.m or 12:08 p.m (special downtown edition), and Saturday at 8:30 a.m. He personally leads and organizes the Thursday workouts: 10 a.m. at Brainsport and 12:08 at the clock tower by the Meewasin skating rink.

Thank-you Harv!

(photo credit Harvey Mathies)