Saturday Morning Run Club

I love the idea of sleeping in. In my fantasy I’m dozing, snuggled under my duvet, as the sun rises and tracks across the sky. In reality, I’m a morning person. If I sleep past 6:30, I feel like Rip Van Winkle. My version of sleeping in is lingering over morning coffee. Like, really drawing it out. But on Saturday, I cut it short. Getting to Run Club on time is worth it.

Saturday Run Club is a longer workout. It’s at least an hour and often informal sub-groups will start earlier or stay later to get in a few extra km’s. The pace is a little more relaxed, because the goal is covering a greater distance. Sometimes we stop for a photo or to check out local landmarks.

Run Club is always a social thing for me. When I’m feeling chatty, there are lots of friendly folks to talk to. When I’m feeling quiet, I just run and let the conversations buzz around me. Either way, I use the power of being in a group to get a better workout than I would have had on my own. On Wednesday night, it’s a good time to push the pace; on Saturday morning, it’s about going a little farther.

If you haven’t been to a Saturday Run Club, this is what you can expect: it’s free, the most commitment we’ll ask for is for you to sign a waiver; it’s informal, we’ll split into a few groups by pace, sometimes the group will have a leader with a specific route in mind, sometimes the group will be lead by committee; if it’s your first time out, let the staff know and they’ll help you decide which group to go with; the store is open, we open at 8 on Saturday, so we’ve got you covered if you need a last-minute gel or if you forget your mittens; and, we have washrooms, three of them.

Saturday Run Club meets at 8:30, all year-round, unless there’s an active weather warning. On December 21, stick around for our annual pot-luck cookie party and we’ll announce this year’s winner of the Ric Hanna Leadership Award.

See you on Saturday, Streakers!