Top Tips For Running With My Dogs

I love the posts Run Streakers share of them streaking with their dogs. I love running with my dogs too! Every dog and family is different, and I’m definitely not a trainer, so I can’t give you tips on running with your dog, but I can tell you how to run with mine 🙂

We’re Consistent

I decided that I would run with my pooches every second day (weather permitting). They get plenty of recovery time, but are out regularly enough to enjoy the routine. They thrive on routines and seem to look forward to our scheduled fun time together.

I’ve Set Limits

We don’t use boots, and temperatures below -20 seem to make paws cold too quickly for running. Plus, if any of us got hurt on the run, it’s too cold to wait for help. In the summer, I run with long pants and sleeves all season long. It really helps with the mosquitos, and it reminds me that my running buddies are wearing fur coats. If it’s hotter than +20, the black dog starts to struggle, so that’s my upper limit.

It’s Their Run

I don’t take my dogs on my training runs. I’m prepared to change the pace and distance based on their needs. The old dog, in particular, tires out fast.

They’re On Leash

This seems to be a contentious subject among owners, because we all love to see the freedom of a dog running, playing and exploring off-leash. Runners, on the other hand, are never comfortable around strange, loose dogs. It’s simple for us; our runs include traffic, wildlife and inconsistent behaviour (mostly theirs, sometimes mine) and the leashes are critical for everybody’s safety.

Our morning running adventures are some of my favourite experiences with my dogs. I need to thank them for their part in getting me through the Run Streak.