You’re Invited: Brainsport’s new learn-to-run video series

Brainsport is launching a new virtual learn-to-run clinic next month. If you are looking to run your first five-kilometre — or your first five kilometre after some time off — head to our YouTube page starting April 2. No registration required and there is no cost to participate.

What: The “10 Weeks to a 5k (Beginner Program)” will feature 10 instructional videos rolled out over 10 weeks starting April 2 (Good Friday). Each video will be two to five minutes in length.

Who: The videos will feature running tips from Brainsport coach Harvey Weber, who will also guide participants through a training plan designed by Brad Spokes of Zone Sports Physiotherapy. Anyone is welcome to participate regardless of age, running ability or where they live. While the program is virtual, participants can interact with each other by joining the “10 Weeks To A 5K Facebook group to share their progress and cheer each other on.

When: Videos will be posted to the Brainsport YouTube page every Friday, with the training plan detailed in the video description. Videos will remain up and can be accessed at any time.

Why: As the weather gets nicer it’s common to see more people starting to run and Weber says it’s common for people to go too hard too quickly. “A lot of people may not have the understanding of how to start a run program,” he says. “They’re not prepared and they get hurt and they get discouraged. But the emphasis of this program is to start people who have no experience and to lead them through a successful five-k program.”

How: Visit the Brainsport YouTube page on April 2 to watch our first video, then be prepared to lace up your shoes and get outside. Consider checking in with your family doctor before beginning a new fitness program.