Kim Fraser

Building a running road map for the new year

What an incredible running year we have had. I have had so many runners come through my door doing incredible things on the road, trails, and races.

Despite COVID-19 holding us back in some places in our life, running was not one of them. This year we were able to rejoin our running partners and were as motivated as ever to keep running strong, channeling all the stressors out and all the new beginnings in.

I want to discuss goal setting as a runner because, as runners, we are already driven and motivated. We set our goals, plant our flag and get going. But what will allow us to be lifelong runners and allow us to see performance gains? What are my secrets to sustainable sport while meeting our goals?

Kim Fraser works with a client.
Kim Fraser works with a client.

Here are my tips for building your 2022 Running Roadmap.

  1. Recovery is essential. You cannot make performance gains from an empty cup. Take the time to sleep a little longer, fuel yourself appropriately with good food, cross train with mindful movement such as yoga or pilates to soften your nervous system, and find stillness in those joyful everyday moments. These little things will fill your cup so you have the foundation to meet your goals for your training session.
  2. As a physiotherapist I have encouraged runners to “listen to the whispers instead of the screams.” Running maintenance is key when you are consistently training, Running is a high-impact sport and can take a small toll on our bodies. Seeking a health-care practitioner with running experience will help keep you on the road.
  3. Break your training down into seasons. We have three seasons: base training, precompetitive, and the competitive season. I do not expect my athletes to run hard all year. Take into consideration base training in January to March where you go back to the basics and foundations of good running and break down old running patterns. Shift your training intentions when you enter into the precompetitive season adding more yoga and pilates to keep you long and strong. Focus on recovery and corrective exercises specific to your running needs during your competitive season to keep you in the game.
  4. Change is good! If something has shifted and you are not finding joy in your training or have hit a performance plateau, it is OK to make a change. Change gyms, join a different running group, change up your running route, cross train, or take some time off. Adaptability and changing things up keeps us from training the same muscles over and over, reducing the chances of injury.

Take these points into consideration while building your 2022 Running Roadmap. This will encourage a well-rounded, sustainable training plan keeping you on the road all year long.

If you need some extra support building your Roadmap, schedule an appointment at Holistic Physiotherapy and Wellness on Broadway Avenue, or find me on Instagram @StillPhysio.

Kim Fraser is a physiotherapist and owner of Still Physiotherapy in Saskatoon, practicing out of Holistic Physiotherapy and Wellness on Broadway Avenue. You can find her on Instagram @stillphysio or on her website at