The Meewasin Trail is getting a facelift — here’s what runners need to know

Work is underway in earnest to improve the Meewasin Valley’s downtown trails from the Traffic Bridge to Kinsmen Park. Over the coming months, some trails may temporarily close as construction crews widen trails and put in new curbs, asphalt, lights and sewer and sidewalk connections.

The project will be completed in phases, with a timeline determined based on the success of an upcoming capital campaign.

Here are five things runners need to know about the upcoming enhancements.

1. New “Kilometre Zero” marker coming to Friendship Park

The Meewasin plans to build a new plaza space by the Traffic Bridge at the intersection of Spadina Crescent and Third Avenue (pictured above in a conceptual illustration). This will include a “Kilometre Zero” marker that will serve as the starting point for the Meewasin’s entire trail network. The plaza space will include benches and new trees.

2. Trail changes will accommodate a proposed permanent festival site

Saskatoon city council has endorsed a proposal for a $12.8-million festival site in Friendship Park between the Broadway and Traffic bridges. Work on the proposed site is expected to be tendered and awarded this year. When complete, it would accommodate up to 7,500 people for events such as concerts, food fairs and road races. The Meewasin trail will wind behind the festival site which means trail access won’t be interrupted when the festival site is in use.

A conceptual illustration of the boardwalk that will be erected in Kiwanis Park. Photo from

3. Boardwalk planned for Kiwanis Memorial Park

Two lookouts will be installed at the river in Meewasin Park with a wooden boardwalk running between them. The boardwalk would be four metres wide — twice the width of the boardwalk by the weir. The boardwalk will not replace the asphalt trail that runs through the park.

4. Improved access at 23rd Street East

The existing stairs taking people down to the river from 23rd Street East near the Kiwanis Memorial Fountain are getting a major facelift. That area will see new, four-metre-wide stairs plus a switchback of ramps.

5. Upgrades to areas under the Broadway and University bridges

The trails under these bridges will be enhanced, including by improving lighting. Space under these bridges will have the potential for works of public art.

Learn more about the ongoing work by visiting Meewasin’s website.

Meewasin is a charitable organization that relies on donations from the community to complete construction and timelines are dictated by how quickly it can raise funds. To learn more about donating visit or email