Run Streaking and Travel

Running is beautifully portable. With a little planning, you can take it with you almost anywhere. Most December Run Streakers will have to work around a little travel, so I’ll share some of my best tips for taking your running practice on the road.

For me, December almost always includes a work trip. I’ll either do a short trip to visit with suppliers in Western Canada, or a longer trip to The Running Event trade show in Austin Texas. This year I’m in Winnipeg for a couple on nights. Pictured above is Brian. We’re on a morning run around The Forks and we’re enjoying their beautiful light displays.

Schedule Your Workouts

If you don’t plan time for your run, it’s not going to happen. That’s never more true than when you’re away from home.

I’m a morning runner, and I find that it’s easiest to make time for a run before breakfast. If morning runs aren’t for you, maybe try to take advantage of the downtime between afternoon activities and supper.

Tell your host what your plans are and they might champion your cause. You might even gain a workout buddy.

Pack Shorts

Most hotels have a gym with a treadmill. Many gyms will have a drop-in guest option.

Last year, I found myself staying overnight in an unfamiliar neighbourhood in Edmonton. It gets dark fast this time of year, and I would have had a hard time planning a route along strange streets, in the winter, in the dark. Did I mention that there was a snowstorm that day too?Instead, I went down to the hotel gym and did my workout while watching a TLC show about Little People with big hearts. Easy peasy.

Be Realistic

If you manage to do a workout while travelling, celebrate that achievement. Don’t expect to break new ground with endurance or speed. It’s still a good idea to set some simple goals for your run (time, pace, distance), but don’t expect this to be your best work. Travelling messes with your sleeping and eating schedules and it’s easy to get be dehydrated. It’s hard work on its own. Your body probably won’t be operating at 100%.

It’s Worth the Effort

Running Streak aside, there are some great reasons to pack running gear on your next trip. Your legs will appreciate a chance to move around, your brain will benefit from a run’s mood-stabilizing effects, and it’s a great way to see a new city or town.

Streak on, my friends!